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Anupro ProLamb Programmes offer a range of production solutions to optimise on-farm performance and meat quality. All ProLamb solutions optimise rearing and finishing through innovative nutritional systems that improve health and production potential to deliver economic and environmental efficiency as well as a product of high quality and consistency. All of the programmes can be adapted to suit farm needs whether that be ad lib concentrate systems or the utilisation of forage. Anupro welcome the opportunity to review feeding management and housing design (if applicable) when starting any of the ProLamb Programmes.

ProLamb Programmes focus on establishing a balanced gut microflora whilst at the same time promoting early rumen development. Bespoke rations are formulated to establish synergy between balanced nutritional inputs, the immune system and the animal’s genetic potential. This delivers high levels of health and production, offering an opportunity to optimise profitability by broadening the window of marketability.

The ProLamb programmes target key risk periods such as early life disease and transitions. Weaning, the purchase of store lambs and the introduction of concentrates are common transitions that can represent high risk for disease and suboptimal performance. The main transitional risk the programmes address is moving onto concentrates after a period of time on forage. Rumen microbial adaptation requires time and careful management and it is generally accepted that the microorganisms in the rumen need at least three weeks to adapt to a new feed. The Anupro ProLamb Programmes include specially formulated transitional diets to optimise rumen function throughout the transition, resulting in sustained high levels of health and performance.

Another key transitional risk is the housing of lambs, with the potential of subclinical disease and suboptimal performance if not managed effectively. Anupro specialise in housing design and can tailor your system to minimise the risk of disease and optimise performance. One of the key elements is ventilation. Relying on natural ventilation, especially when large groups of lambs are housed, continually places them at risk of disease. Continuous environmental pressure creates inflammation within the respiratory tract which can reduce production potential, increasing the risk of disease and resulting in poor feed utilisation. Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems remove aerosolised pathogens to prevent pneumonia (e.g. mycoplasma), remove irritants (ammonia etc.), reduce moisture accumulation, remove dust and increase oxygen levels. All of the above will reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract, reducing the risk of disease and subsequent antibiotic usage.

Anupro welcome the opportunity to tailor these solutions to your specific needs.

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Anupro place quality assurance as a top priority with complete traceability of our entire product range. We participate in assurance schemes which have been developed to ensure optimum feed and animal safety.

As well as addressing the key elements of animal production systems; nutrition, housing and health, Anupro maintain an astute awareness of the environment and energy usage and all our processes are optimised for environmental sustainability.