Superior Lamb Programme

Anupro’s Superior Lamb Programme

A New Approach

The Superior Lamb Programme is designed for pet lamb rearing and early lambing farms (without milk replacer). The programme capitalises on the very high levels of efficiency in early life and allows the lamb to reach its genetic potential, removing any burden associated with rearing triplet lambs and offers an opportunity for producers to lamb earlier in the season where market opportunities are more favourable. 

This unique rearing model focuses on critical developmental time points during early life that are crucial for the future success of your lamb or replacement ewe lamb. This programme focuses on early life metabolic programming and establishing an internal environment that optimises health, growth and productivity, delivering a lamb that achieves genetic potential. The individual elements of this protocol have been designed to address key developmental requirements;

  1.  Optimising gut health and immune competence, preventing disease 
  2.  Fast-tracks rumen development to facilitate optimal nutrient utilisation and absorption 
  3.  Protect rumen to optimise functionality, delivering high levels of efficiency

Delivering on these requirements, the Superior Lamb Programme takes advantage of the efficiency gains associated with optimal feed conversion rates, optimising the economic efficiency of this system. This concept is intensive, but the benefits multifaceted:

  • Removes the burden of triplet lambs and offers an opportunity to optimise early lambing systems for improved economic return in more favourable market conditions
  • Facilitates the achievement of genetic potential in pet lambs, allowing a higher stocking density on farm and yielding a higher output per ewe and output per hectare. When animal performance is high, stocking rate is one of the main determinants of profitability
  • Dramatic benefit on the productive response of suckling twin or triplet lambs, allowing them to deliver on genetic potential
  • The specific balance of nutrients within this programme also ensures reproductive potential is optimised and will increase the percentage of ewe lambs eligible for breeding, with a target of over 75%
  • Anupro recommend that ewe lambs are 65% of their mature body weight at breeding. Breeding ewe lambs increases lifetime performance and output per hectare but it is vitally important to maintain growth rates during pregnancy to ensure robustness post-lambing
  • Lower carbon footprint of lamb production
    – Improving on production efficiency; reduced age at slaughter or increasing the proportion of ewe lambs that are bred, will reduce lifetime dry matter intake, water consumption and methane emissions per unit of product produced

We recommend our Superior Lamb Starter Bundle to sustain 50 lambs for the first 2 months. This programme relies on the lamb having ad lib access to feed and fresh clean water at all times. Please refer to our specific production system programmes for more detail. 

The chart details the Superior Lamb programme which outlines the products and timings required to deliver optimal production (product overview below). Please note that this programme relies heavily on the animal having ad lib access to fresh feed at all times. 

(Birth and during period of stress)

  • Boosts inferior colostrum to give lamb the best start
  • First line of defence against parasites (Crypto, E.coli, Salmonella, Coccidia etc.)
  • Optimises immunity, gut health and energy status


  • Increased vitality and productivity
  • Immunoglobulins: supply of antibodies, reinforcing the local intestinal immunity
  • Lactoferrin; bioactive protein naturally found in colostrum


  • Aids prevention of Bacteria (E. Coli and Salmonella), Virus (Rotavirus), Protozoa Parasites (Cryptosporidium) and Coccidiosis
  • Natural organic acids that decrease pH of gut


  • Specifically designed for maximum digestibility
  • High levels of available nutrients
  • Optimises gut health and nutrient absorption

Quickstart Lamb

  • High quality ingredients to aid palatability and digestibility
  • Key in metabolically programming your lamb to positively impact lifetime performance
  • Develops rumen whilst optimising nutrient intake


  • Follow-on from Quickstart
  • Attractive appearance and digestibility delivers high consumption
  • Key in metabolically programming your lamb to positively impact lifetime performance
  • Promotes early weaning


  • Follow-on from Papinlamb and designed to optimise rumen stability
  • Econlamb promotes optimal rumen function, maximising feed utilisation
  • Maximises genetic potential by achieving high average daily gains and optimum food conversion rates

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