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Anupro ProBeef Programmes offer a range of production solutions to optimise on-farm performance and meat quality. All of the ProBeef Programmes adopt innovative nutritional systems that improve health and production potential to deliver productive, economic and environmental efficiency as well as low levels of disease and antibiotic usage. Optimising management is also critical and one of our key principles is enabling ad lib access to feed. Allowing the animal to make decisions on feeding timing and intake results in a much more successful response to feed through enhanced rumen protection and feed utilisation.  Our dynamic approach allows all solutions to be adapted to suit your farm and Anupro welcome the opportunity to review housing design and feeding management when starting any of the ProBeef Programmes. 

The ProBeef Programmes focus on critical developmental time points during early life that are crucial for the future success of the beef animal and aim to deliver synergy between balanced nutritional inputs, the immune system and the animal’s internal environment. At its core, the ProBeef Programmes facilitate metabolic programming and optimisation of the animal’s genetic potential, an approach that is pivotal in placing the animal on the optimal production trajectory. This conditioning process starts at conception with the most critical time being in the first 3 months post-partum; a time when feed conversion efficiency is also optimal and an opportunity for cost-effective performance. 

The ProBeef Programmes also place significant emphasis on transitional time points such as entry onto farm, housing or diet change. These are vulnerable periods for disease and suboptimal performance, with rumen microbial adaptation, establishment of social hierarchy and exposure to new pathogens, all having the potential to initiate stress and compromise immune competence. It is important to manage these transition points effectively to optimise productive potential. In terms of microbial adaptation, it is generally accepted that the rumen microflora require at least 3 weeks to adapt to a new feed and the Anupro ProBeef Programmes optimise rumen function throughout transition resulting in continued high levels of health and performance. 

Anupro also specialise in housing design and can tailor your system to minimise the risk of disease during the establishment of social hierarchy and exposure to new pathogens. We will assess cattle housing design with particular focus pen design, space allowance, feeding management and ventilation. The latter is of extreme importance, relying on natural ventilation continually places livestock at risk of disease. Whilst clinical illness might be sporadic, inflammation within the respiratory tract can be continuous; increasing the risk of disease, reducing feed utilisation for growth and reducing production potential. Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems remove aerosolised pathogens to prevent pneumonia (e.g. mycoplasma), remove irritants (ammonia etc.), reduce moisture accumulation, remove dust and increase oxygen levels. All of the above will reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract, reducing the risk of disease and subsequent antibiotic usage. 

Anupro welcome the opportunity to tailor these solutions to your specific needs.

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Anupro place quality assurance as a top priority with complete traceability of our entire product range. We participate in assurance schemes which have been developed to ensure optimum feed and animal safety.

As well as addressing the key elements of animal production systems; nutrition, housing and health, Anupro maintain an astute awareness of the environment and energy usage and all our processes are optimised for environmental sustainability.