Dairy-Catalyst Programme

Anupro Dairy-Catalyst Programme

Preparation for Production

The Dairy-Catalyst Programmes are designed to create a better herd for the future, a herd that is consistent, easier to manage, more productive, more fertile and has longevity. Every nutritional stress your cow experiences throughout life has the potential to negatively impact on its ability to produce milk and reproduce. We reduce nutritional challenges by addressing key developmental time-points; Windows of Impact, to place the animal on a higher lifetime performance trajectory. In early life there are many “Windows of Impact” that can be optimised by the Dairy-Catalyst programmes and these include:

  • Gestation
    • Foetal programming during gestation is driven by maternal nutrient status and can change gene expression to impact phenotypic expression post-calving
  • Birth
    • Colostrum is critical in optimising immune competence, initial metabolic programming (high nutrient content) and gut microflora development
  • Day 2-21
    • Optimising the intake of highly digestible nutrients will facilitate positive energy balance, high levels of immune competence and establishment of balanced gut microflora, greatly reducing the risk of disease
  • Day 22-84
    • Key period in optimising metabolic programming and facilitating higher lifetime performance trajectory. During this period there is huge potential to up-regulate gene expression to enhance growth hormone production subsequently optimising growth and mammary tissue development
  • Day 85-180
    • A focus on continued positive programming to imprint the established higher trajectory resulting from early-life metabolic programming
    • Continued nutrition to promote rumen functionality, gut stability and immune competence to deliver optimal growth, health and development
  • Day 181 to service
    • Ensuring smooth transition to heifer grower rations, avoiding any check in nutritional status and subsequent growth
    • Optimising reproductive potential to ensure high quality oocyte production, successful fertilisation and strong embryo implantation

The periparturient period is a crucial Window of Impact. At this stage the dairy industry’s drive to maximise output undoubtedly increases the risk of suboptimal health, production and fertility. This results in extended calving intervals and increased culling rates, reducing the average age of the herd and subsequent production potential. The Anupro Dairy-Catalyst programme addresses these needs to deliver optimal health and fertility whilst achieving high levels of production. The Anupro Dairy-Catalyst Programme deliberately focuses on the physiological needs of the cow at a detailed level. We have developed very specific techniques and nutritional synergies to optimise each critical time point; Window of Impact, during the pre- and post-calving period, with each acting as a catalyst for the next. The programmes embrace a precise approach to optimise cell and system recovery, cell metabolism, liver function and rumen transition to deliver optimal production, fertility and longevity. Our focus on preparing the cow pre-calving, and recovery post-calving, delivers a simultaneous increase in milk yield and energy intake to alleviate negative energy balance and metabolic stress. The rapid acceleration in dry matter intake and subsequent absorption and metabolic capacity allows the cow to quickly address all metabolic needs effectively to optimise production, health and fertility. This approach eliminates metabolic imbalances caused by nutritional stress, such as ketosis, fatty liver syndrome and severe negative energy balance, all of which have a dramatic impact the productive and reproductive capacity of the cow.

Our Superior Calf and ProHeifer Programmes are designed to maximise productivity, health and reproductive capacity within youngstock production systems. Our OptiLac and ProGrass Programmes target the high-yielding and grass based systems respectively. Our bespoke guidance on housing and health management can further optimise results achieved. Anupro welcome the opportunity to tailor solutions to your specific needs.

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Anupro place quality assurance as a top priority with complete traceability of our entire product range. We participate in assurance schemes which have been developed to ensure optimum feed and animal safety.

As well as addressing the key elements of animal production systems; nutrition, housing and health, Anupro maintain an astute awareness of the environment and energy usage and all our processes are optimised for environmental sustainability.