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Anupro recommend that all calves remain on our Superior Calf Programme until six months of age. This is to ensure continued positive programming to imprint the established higher trajectory resulting from early-life metabolic programming. Furthermore, this consistent high plane of nutrition will promote rumen functionality, gut stability and immune competence to deliver optimal growth, health and development. Introducing a predominantly forage based diet, especially grass, too early in life can lead to energetic imbalance and excessive pressure on the liver, which can create sub-optimal performance and health problems.

The Anupro ProHeifer Programmes; ProHeifer and ProHeifer Spring, are tailored to optimise production within the high-yielding all-year-round calving system and the seasonal grass-based system respectively. Whilst Anupro strongly recommend keeping heifers housed in a controlled environment until six months of age, the ProHeifer Spring Programme (see chart) is designed to facilitate the introduction of grass at 3 months of age whilst maintaining access to ad lib concentrate. For the first month, it is recommended that calves be kept on a very low cover paddock to ensure intake of PapinGrass is optimised. Only after calves have transitioned to EconGrass may they move to a rotational grazing system where access to ad lib concentrate (EconGrass) must be facilitated until six months of age.

Transition during any system is critical and it is important that heifers are introduced to new feeding regimes slowly. When introducing forage / grass, this should be done over a 4-week period with a slow transition to the forage diet. The goal is to minimise nutritional stress, eliminating the risk of disease and maintaining a positive response to deliver on breeding targets. 

At service, the ProHeifer programme targets Holstein heifers of 14 months of age at 65% of mature body weight and a wither height of 130cms (see Chart below for other breed targets). This growth trajectory is a critical part of the Dairy-Catalyst programme for 2 reasons;

  1. Having a heavier body weight at breeding will ensure capacity for a higher energy intake. This will positively affect embryo development whereby foetal programming in early gestation up-regulates gene expression. This up-regulation acts as a catalyst, producing a more productive calf and subsequently better heifers and cows for your future herd

  2. This allows the animal to reach 95% of mature body weight after calving, facilitating a much more robust heifer to withstand the variable nutritional and environmental conditions post-calving

The charts describe growth targets for different breed types, the ProHeifer, and ProHeifer Spring Programmes which outline the products and timings required to deliver optimal production (product overview below)

(After Colostrum intake and during period of stress)

  • Boosts inferior colostrum to give calf the best start
  • First line of defence against parasites (Crypto, E.coli, Salmonella, Coccidia etc.)
  • Optimises immunity, gut health and energy status


  • Increased vitality and productivity
  • Immunoglobulins: supply of antibodies, reinforcing the local intestinal immunity
  • Lactoferrin; bioactive protein naturally found in colostrum


  • Aids prevention of Bacteria (E. Coli and Salmonella), Virus (Rotavirus), Protozoa Parasites (Cryptosporidium) and Coccidiosis
  • Natural organic acids that decrease pH of gut


  • Specifically designed for maximum digestibility
  • High levels of available nutrients
  • Optimises gut health and nutrient absorption


  • High quality ingredients to aid palatability and digestibility
  • Key in metabolically programming your calf to positively impact lifetime performance
  • Develops rumen whilst optimising nutrient intake


  • Follow-on from Quickstart
  • Attractive appearance and digestibility delivers high consumption
  • Key in metabolically programming your calf to positively impact lifetime performance
  • Promotes early weaning

(ProHeifer Spring)

  • Designed to continue optimisation of rumen development whilst introducing grass

(ProHeifer Spring)

  • Offers optimal rumen and liver protection whilst increasing access to grass 


  • Follow-on from Papincalf
  • Econgrower promotes optimal rumen functional maximising feed utilisation
  • Maximises the genetic potential by achieving high average daily gains and optimum food conversion rates


  • Follow on from Econgrower and EconGrass
  • Designed with highly bioavailable nutrients to optimise reproductive performance 
  • Includes yeast and rumen enhancers to optimise rumen function


  • Aids transition (housing / weaning) and prevents stress-related problems that result in disease, delivering optimal production rates
  • Incorporates amino acids that act as transporters of sugars, improving the availability of energy supply
  • Balanced supply of mineral salts that make it a leading rehydrating agent to aid speedy recovery and performance

Anupro recommend our Superior Calf Starter Bundle to sustain 10 calves for the first 2 months. Anupro also welcome the opportunity to tailor this solution to meet your specific requirements.  

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Anupro place quality assurance as a top priority with complete traceability of our entire product range. We participate in assurance schemes which have been developed to ensure optimum feed and animal safety.

As well as addressing the key elements of animal production systems; nutrition, housing and health, Anupro maintain an astute awareness of the environment and energy usage and all our processes are optimised for environmental sustainability.