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Anupro address the key elements of animal production systems; nutrition, housing and health. This holistic approach contributes to performance and health optimisation, significantly reducing the need for antibiotics.


Our approach to nutrition focuses on establishing synergy between nutritional inputs, rumen stability and gut function to optimise metabolic programming and subsequent production potential. Our whole systems approach ensures we place significant emphasis on transition; entry onto farm, housing or diet change. These are high-risk periods with the potential to greatly upset the internal environment leading to disease and suboptimal performance. Transitional challenges are multifaceted and include rumen microbial adaptation, establishment of social hierarchy and exposure to new pathogens, all of which initiate stress and compromise immune competence and productive potential. In terms of microbial adaptation and rumen function, our products are designed to optimise rumen function during these potentially stressful periods. Any transition should be done over a period of at least 3 weeks. We will formulate rations in a balanced manner, utilising available resources, to ensure internal systems are functioning optimally.

Housing Design

Anupro also specialise in housing design and can tailor your system to minimise the risk of disease both during transition (minimising the risk of disease during the establishment of social hierarchy and exposure to new pathogens) and production. As part of the service we assess all existing and planned housing with particular focus on pen design, space allowance, feeding management and ventilation. The latter is of extreme importance, relying on natural ventilation continually places livestock at risk of disease. Whilst clinical illness might be sporadic, inflammation within the respiratory tract can be continuous reducing production potential, increasing the risk of disease and resulting in poor feed utilisation. Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems remove aerosolised pathogens to prevent pneumonia (e.g. mycoplasma), remove irritants (ammonia etc.), reduce moisture accumulation, remove dust and increase oxygen levels. All of the above will reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract, reducing the risk of disease and subsequent antibiotic usage.

Health Planning

At Anupro we firmly believe that prevention is better than the cure. We place considerable emphasis on the role of smart nutrition and vaccination to relieve the on-going burden of antibiotic resistance by greatly reducing or eliminating the requirement for antibiotics. Anupro nutritional solutions promote effects beyond the nutritional value of feed with particular focus on Synbiotics and Quorum Sensing Inhibitors. Synbiotics combines the use of specific pre- and pro-biotics that have a synergistic relationship with the aim of promoting beneficial bacterial colonisation in the lower intestine. Our nutritional solutions target a phenomenon known as Quorum Sensing (QS) which is where bacteria can communicate and coordinate proliferation as well as multiple other actions such as toxin production, drug resistance etc. Under normal circumstances, a large variety of bacterial colonies establish in the gut in a naturally balanced manner; however, when opportunistic pathogenic bacteria establish, they use QS to promote growth and coordinate attacks on immune functionality. Anupro products include quorum sensing inhibitors (QSI’s) which prevent this communication and reduce the aforementioned risks to the immune system. Our health programme also includes robust vaccination protocols which are widely proven to assist in disease prevention.

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Anupro place quality assurance as a top priority with complete traceability of our entire product range. We participate in assurance schemes which have been developed to ensure optimum feed and animal safety.

As well as addressing the key elements of animal production systems; nutrition, housing and health, Anupro maintain an astute awareness of the environment and energy usage and all our processes are optimised for environmental sustainability.